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Online poker in a casino


Online casino poker (or, as they say, video poker) is based on the rules of five card exchange poker.

Basically, playing poker in an online casino is very similar to playing on a slot machine. You always see, or by clicking on the "Information" section, you will see a table of winning combinations and payouts.

The player's cards are shown in the center of the screen. At the bottom, you always see the amount on the account (Credit), the size of the current bet (Bet) and the winning for the last round (Win). Depending on the slot machine, you can always increase your bet either by one coin or by making the maximum bet.

After making sure that the bet is correct, press the Deal button and receive five cards. To hold cards that cannot be exchanged, click “Hold” or on the card. Then again "Deal".

In case of winning, the amount is credited to the player's account.

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