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Online slot Classic Roulette

Online game Classic Roulette

Classic roulette in the form of a slot machine.


Online game Classic Roulette

As always, there are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel: from 0 to 36.

The goal of the game is to predict the number that the ball will fall on.

When you press the ROTATE key, the wheel starts to rotate and the ball starts.

After the ball stops, the winning number will be marked and the winning bets will be paid out.

The CANCEL button cancels the last bet you placed.

By pressing and holding the CANCEL button, you activate the pop-up window, which allows you to delete all bets.

By pressing / holding a specific chip on the table, you will remove the selected bet.

The table consists of an outside and an inside betting area for placing bets.


Inside bets:

  • Straight Up: that is, bet on a single number
  • Split: a bet on two numbers on the game table that touch each other either horizontally or vertically
  • Street: a three-number bet placed at the end of a row of three adjacent numbers
  • Corner: A bet on four numbers placed at the intersection of four adjacent numbers
  • Line: A six-number bet placed at the junction of adjacent straights / rows
  • 0,1,2,3: when a bet is placed at the junction between 0 and 1st
  • 0, 1, 2 and 0, 2, 3: this is called trio bet, because it's placed at the junction between these three numbers


Outside bets

  • Dozen: A bet of twelve numbers placed on the side of the table. A bet on the first 12 covers numbers from 1 to 12, a bet on the second 12 covers numbers from 13 to 24, bets on the third 12 covers numbers from 25 to 36
  • Column: A twelve-number bet placed at the bottom of each respective column
  • Red/Black: An eighteen number bet that covers all red or all black numbers. Sometimes it's called bet a colour.
  • Odd/Even: An eighteen number bet that covers all odd or even numbers
  • 1-18/19-36: An eighteen number bet that covers all numbers within that range, 1-18 or 19-36

Features of Classic Roulette

Table limits depends of your currency, but general is about 0.50 - 5000 US dollars.

In the settings you will find the Proven Honesty section, where the player's SHA and seed are indicated.

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